Women Are Getting Early Pregnancy Results By Using Photoshop

Can photo editing apps change the speed with which we detect pregnancy? Whether you are trying to get pregnant or freaking out that you may be, reading pregnancy tests can be nerve-wracking at best. A bizarre new trend has taken off online, which sees women ‘tweaking’ images of their pregnancy tests in order to try and find out whether they are expecting a baby weeks before the test suggests and it’s proving so popular, someone has even created an app to help make the process even easier.


One such forum is called BabyCenter, which warns you what effects to never use (saturation and inversion can give a false positive) and has dedicated users who truly want to help.


There is even a phone app for this purpose.


The practice could be heartbreaking if a test shows a positive when in fact the woman is experiencing a “chemical pregnancy”a very early miscarriage.So while tweaking can be helpful in early pregnancy detection, it certainly is not infallible or fully reliable. What do you think?