Try These 6 Extra-Special Spins On Classic Cocktails

A perfect drink to share with friends in summer.

The best is to use things in your fridge to add into the cocktail.

The additional sweetness of the liqueur comes better with the balsamic.

This is easy to make at home and it tastes better if left longer.

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It’s widely considered that this fish was extinct 65 million years ago. In 1938, a fisherman caught a coelacanth in the coast of South Africa, a second one found in 1952 in the eastern coast of Africa near Madagascar. It can grow as long as 2 meters and can weigh 90 kilograms.

Baiji, also known as Yangtze River dolphin or Chinese river dolphin, becomes an extinct animal because of environment changes and human killing and fishing. In 2007, a Chinese man said had seen one apparently, and a confirmed living one died in 2002.