Top 5 Paid College Football Coaches In 2015

Urban Meyer led Buckeyes to win the 2014 national championship. At the same time, he joined Nick Saban as the only 2 coaches and won titles at 2 schools.

1. Nick Saban (University of Alabama) Total pay: $7,087,481

After 17 years as Oklahoma’s head coach in a major mark, Bob Stoops led the Sooners to win a national championship in 2000. He became the winningest coach in Sooners history In 2013. He also coached Heisman Trophy winners, Jason White, and Sam Bradford.


2. Jim Harbaugh (University of Michigan) Total pay: $7,004,000

Jimbo Fisher took the job as head coach in Tallahassee and led the Seminoles to win the national championship in 2013, a year in which his starting quarterback, Jameis Winston, won the Heisman Trophy.


3. Urban Meyer (Ohio State University) Total pay: $5,860,000

A smile means a lot of things and a smile from a cat named Duchess tells us a heartwarming story that shows every animal deserves to be loved. Found after being hit by a car during the fall of October 2015, Duchess was luckily taken to Adobe Animal Hospital by one of its employees Crystal Tate.


4. Bob Stoops (University of Oklahoma) Total pay: $5,400,000

Although Duchess was provided with the emergency care she needed in the hospital, with a broken jaw, she was far from stable.


5. Jimbo Fisher (Florida State University) Total pay: $5,150,000

After surgery, she was fed through a feeding tube and given a variety of medications. She continued to recover at the clinic for a month. The cat had a slim chance of surviving such a tragic incident.