This Smiling Husky Just Sparked The Most Hilarious Photoshop Battle Ever

1. It remains a mystery as how this husky got stuck on a tropical coconut tree.


2. Swinging on Miley Cyrus’ wreaking ball.


3. Kachondos!


4. Bad to the bone.


5. Badass.


6. Cool dogs don’t look at explosions!


7. That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works!


8. Drake needs a doggo.


9. Quidditch through the ages.


10. Puppy Potter plays Quidditch.


11. This need to be a gif.

Throughout history, there were more than a few disowned or kidnapped children who were abandoned to live with wild animals. But do you know what they end up with? Click through to find out the shocking stories behind them.


12. A more natural habitat.

Marina Chapman was kidnapped at age five, left in the jungle by her captors and lived with the capuchin monkeys. She was once poisoned, and then saved by an elderly monkey who forced her to drink until she vomited out the poison.
Some hunters sold her to a brothel after they rescued her, but she escaped. She was then enslaved by a mafia family, but saved by her neighbor, who sent her to live with his relative in Bogota. Eventually, she was hired as a housekeeper by a family that moved to the UK, where she is now happily married with children.


13. Dogseggutor.

After John saw his father murder his mother, he fled to the jungle to live with monkeys. When he was captured three years later at age six, he was covered in hair, and ate only roots and berries. He also had a severe case of intestinal worms, some over half a meter long.
He later learned to speak and discovered a love for singing. He now tours the UK with the Pearl of Africa children’s choir.