The Saddest Cat In The World Has 24 Hours Before He Was Scheduled To Be Put Down, Then He’s Scooped

When he was brought to a shelter in British Columbia, BenBen had a crushed spine, a crumpled ear and bruises and injuries all over the body. He seemed to have been attacked by a larger animal at some point.
His excess skin made him look as droopy as he likely felt. He wasn’t eating, drinking, playing. The staff in the shelter believed that he might never walk again.
In pain and thought to be likely to die, BenBen was scheduled to be put down.


1. BenBen was bought into the shelter, and he was not looking so good.


2. The staff patched up his injury with a pink bandage and fixed his broken back. However, this was far enough to get BenBen into a forever home.


3. But then a miracle happened. A women heard about BenBen through the emergency vet clinic. She decided to give BenBen a loving home he deserved.


4. She and her boyfriend took BenBen home. Within a few hours, BenBen’s life was changed.


5. BenBen is now in a place where he would be loved and safe forever.


6. BenBen had just enjoyed a bath time!


7. He likes to snuggle up with a blanket.

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8. BenBen is now putting on some weight. Though his loose skin still made him look a little moody, his behaviour showed that he was truly happy on the inside.

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9. BenBen is not satisfied to enjoy his new life. He and his humans are also raising money through GoFundMe campaign to help other animals by providing them with food, toys and blankets.

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