Despite Having A Broken Jaw This Kitty’s Smile Is Purrrrrfect

She never give up and fought for her life. After surgery, she was left with a crooked jaw, which meant that she couldn’t open her mouth to chew. Additionally, she had just a few teeth left.


Unfortunately, many people wouldn’t consider adopting Duchess due to her abnormality. But she was someone who thought she deserved some love.


Tate was determined to adopt the poor kitty. The moment she saw Duchess, Her mouth was just about to heal, the feeding tube had just been removed, and she was fragile, She said. The lowest meow caught her attention with sad eyes and purrs which showed so much love and hope.Tate spent as much time as he could petting Duchess in the hospital.


The doctors asked Tate if she would like to take her home. She knew that they were the perfect pair together, and they were truly meant to be in each other’s lives.


I had never cared for a special kitty and she had never experienced life as a special kitty, but we’ve learned together, Tate said.


Now, 3-years-old, Duchess shares a loving home with her big brother Joshua, a Siberian husky; Peaches, a bichon; and Oliver, her cat brother.


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