The Blue Angels: The Thunderbolt Intimidating America’s Enemies At 700MPH

#1. Who Are The Blue Angels?

-Barrel Roll: Described as a “combination of loop and a roll”, this aerial maneuver requires a pilot to accomplish a complete rotation on both its longitudinal and lateral axes, but still maintaining its original direction.


#2. The Origin


#3. Air Show

-1940s: Blue Angels began to thrill its spectators with low-flying maneuvers performed in tight formations. And this team’s trademark “Diamond Formation” was introduced during this time.
-1950s~1960s: The team added a sixth aircraft to the flight demonstration. The number remains the same ever since.


-1970s~2000s: The Blue Angel celebrated their sixtieth anniversary.
-2010s: The first female pilot joined the Blue Angels.


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#4. Legendary History

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