Teen Shows Up To The Birth Of His Niece In Full Suit And Tie

Soon after Iris posted the photo of her big brother, Uncle Grant was able to meet his new niece for the first time.
Born January 3, 2017, Carter becomes one of the first babies of the new year.


There are four siblings in the Kessler family, and Carter is the first member of the next generation.
Grant and Iris have two older sisters, Olivia, 23 and Bronwen, 20.
Little Carter belongs to the oldest Kessler sibling, Olivia.


Obviously, Olivia is never going to worry about babysitters, since all of her 3 younger siblings look downright excited to meet the family’s new little bundle of joy!


Big sister Bronwen was also cracking jokes about the family’s new fame on Twitter.
After the tweet went viral, she noted, “Olivia has a baby, Iris has Twitter, and Grant has class. But I know the alphabet backwards so who’s the real winner of the Kessler siblings?”


In the meantime, Grant seems absolutely thrilled about the newest young lady in his family.
If we had to guess, we’d say he made a very good first impression!

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