So Awesome! The Kid Just Became The Coolest Kid In The Cafeteria

1. Travis Rudolph and his fellow players were visiting a middle school in Tallahassee. During lunch time, Travis Rudolph noticed a little boy was eating alone. He asked the boy if he could sit next to him. Little did he know this boy sit alone every single day since he has autism and has trouble making friends. This moment was snapped by an onlooker and sent it to the boy’s mother, Leah Paske.


2. Travis Rudolph is a Florida State University’s American Football player.


3. Leah explains in a Facebook post:


4. Rudolph didn’t think his gesture would touch so many people. I didn’t even recognize that it would be this big, he said. It just became really viral, and I just wanted it to become aware that everyone is the same, and one man can make a difference.

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5. Bo Paske, this little boy, described the lunch as kind of like me sitting on a rainbow. Rudolph seems glad that his gesture has become such a newsworthy event.


6. Leah Paske met Travis Rudolph on a TV show, saying: I’m actually pretty overwhelmed, pretty emotional. Seeing the picture for the first time was, it was, I was just overcome with emotion. I was so grateful; he’s a superstar here. To go into a crowded lunch room where I’m sure he was being flagged down and waved at and that he would choose Bo to sit with, I don’t even have words to express how grateful I am.