Revealed: 15 Juicy Celebrity Secrets That Only Their Employees Know

Brit’s clothes are always thrown all over the room. Sometimes she’d have half-eaten McDonald’s food under the bed, said her former housekeeper.


1. Miley Cyrus never housetrains her pets

This famous actor’s former housekeeper has said that Ryan Gosling walks up the stairs on all fours, but he only does it in the comfort of his own home.


2. Madonna has her toilet clean before using it

This singer was called “Pay-Low” by several of her former staff members because they were paid about half of what they could make elsewhere.


3. Britney Spears is extremely messy

When this tiny and beautiful pop star gets tired of walking, she will literally have people carry her around just like a baby.


4. Ryan Gosling walks upstairs on all fours

The Twilight star is a smoking-lover. She leaves butts everywhere, such as in the shower, in her potted plants, and even in the fridge.


5. Jennifer Lopez pays her employees poorly

The pretty star has a few cats, and her entire house is filled with pictures of the cats and cat hair. She even leaves food and milk outside to attract strays!


6. Ariana Grande makes people carry her like a baby

Will is intimate with several high-level Scientologists like Tom Cruise. He’s even donated over a million dollars to a private school based on Scientologist educational principles.


7. Kristen Stewart is a chain smoker

It’s rarely known that this shocking rocker is a devout born-again Christian. He participates in missionary projects and even leads Bible study groups.


8. Taylor Swift is a cat lady

According to one of Jen’s old bodyguards, the star is almost never fully clothed at home, wearing a mini camisole and undies even when answering the door.


9. Will Smith might secretly be a Scientologist

One of Angie’s former bodyguards has said the couple would get into crazy fights. Angie would even throw knives at her (now ex-)husband.


10. Alice Cooper is a devout born-again Christian

A former personal assistant said that the singer would sometimes claim that her mere presence at a restaurant was good publicity, so it was okay to skip out on her tab.


11. Jennifer Aniston answers the door in underwear

One of Julia’s old assistants said that the star still has THAT dress from her breakout role in Pretty Woman and even puts it on for her husband once a year!


12. Angelina Jolie threw knives at Brad Pitt

The Sex and the City star was revealed that she is super into the dark arts. Perhaps Hocus Pocus was actually a documentary?


13. Jessica Simpson sometimes dines and dashes

Still think cats are cute and loving? Well, wait until you see the following 20 cats who took dog beds and wouldn’t care about how the dogs think about it. Prepare to have a good laugh.


14. Julia Roberts still owns the dress from Pretty Woman


15. Sarah Jessica Parker is obsessed with witchcraft