Forgotten NFL Quarterbacks: Where Are They Now?

Some NFL quarterbacks seem a flash in the pan. They entered the league with big hype and left it forgotten, due to injuries, poor performances, or even bad luck. Check out these QBs whose name will trigger you to say, "Oh yeah, I do remember him! Wonder what he's doing now?"


1. Joey Harrington Then – 6 Unsuccessful Football Years

Due to an impressive college career, Harrington was taken by the Detroit Lions in 2002. But he was unable to translate his college success to the professional game. With a dismal 69.4 passer rating, Harrington only managed six unsuccessful years for three different teams.


2. Joey Harrington Now – Triumphant Life After Football

His career after football has proven to be successful. Harrington opened a fancy sports bar and became a television personality. He also founded the Harrington Family Foundation, a non-profit devoted to alleviating the costs of higher education for Oregon students.


3. Byron Leftwich Then – Various Injuries

Beginning his professional career in 2003, Leftwich is fondly remembered for finishing a drive with a broken shin bone in a comeback bid against Akron. He did have a legendary career at Marshall, but injuries were a common theme throughout the quarterback's NFL tenure.


4. Byron Leftwich Now – New Career As Coach

After his playing days wrapped up in 2016, Leftwich became a quarterback coach on Bruce Arians' staff with the Arizona Cardinals. He guided young Josh Rosen into a successful starting QB during the 2018 season.


5. Brady Quinn Then – Played Few Games Each Season

One of the most hyped quarterbacks coming out of college, Brady Quinn was taken by the Cleveland Browns in the 2007 NFL Draft. However, throughout his seven-year career for five different teams, Quinn never started more than nine games in a season.


6. Brady Quinn Now – Charity His Priority

Quinn has turned things around after football. He's married to Alicia Sacramone, an Olympic silver medal-winning gymnast. He founded the 3rd and Goal Foundation, a non-profit helping veterans find housing. He is also a television analyst on Fox.


7. Marc Bulger Then – Injuries And Coach Changes

After being waived twice, Bulger finally found a home in St. Louis and even earned a contract that made him the highest-paid player in Rams history. Sadly, he never lived up to his contract. Numerous injuries and coaching changes derailed his once-promising career.


8. Marc Bulger Now – Farmed Out

After quitting the NFL in 2010, Bulger moved to a sprawling farm in Southeast Missouri with his wife and children. He has since developed a hobby maintaining the farm on a day-to-day basis. He also founded a non-profit, The Marc Bulger Foundation, to help veterans and children alike.


9. David Garrard Then – Injuries

Beginning his career as the backup to the injury-prone Byron Leftwich, Garrard was often given the chance to showcase his talents. He eventually landed the starting role and was a Pro Bowler during the 2009 season, but he faced his own fair share of injuries. In 2011, The Jaguars replaced him.


10. David Garrard Now – Hitting The Gym

Post-retirement, Garrard has taken to running multiple Retro Fitness gyms, citing being a business owner as one of his greatest achievements. Additionally, he is devoted to raising awareness for Crohn's disease and is a mentor for children and professional athletes across America.


11. Jason Campbell Then Coaching Changes And Injuries

In 2005, the Washington Redskins drafted Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell who had just led Auburn to win a Sugar Bowl. But after a slew of coaching changes and some unfortunate injuries, he never managed to lead the Redskins to a winning record.


12. Jason Campbell now – Back To School

After five not so successful years since being traded to Oakland in 2010, Campbell hung up his cleats once and for all. Post-retirement, Campbell lives in Atlanta and has taken up golf. He also became a quarterback coach for a local high school team.


13. Kyle Orton Then – Poor Play For Ten Years

Orton began his career as a backup with the Chicago Bears in 2005 and got his chance to shine when starting quarterback Rex Grossman went down with an injury. Orton eventually played for 10 years for multiple teams, but his career never amounted to anything significant.


14. Kyle Orton Now – Quarterback Sneak

Post-retirement, Orton shaved his signature neckbeard for a clean look and replaced the hilarious pictures of his getting wasted throughout the NFL with family pictures. Anyway, Orton will forever remain one of the most frustrating quarterbacks in recent NFL history.


15. Jake Locker Then – Injures And Passion Loss

Widely considered a top talent at university, Jake Locker was drafted by the Titans in 2011. But the former college star has never really developed at the professional level. He managed only four seasons in the NFL before injuries and a lack of passion took him away from the game.


16. Jake Locker Now – Living The Simple Life

After retirement, Locker moved back to live with his wife and children in Washington, where he spends his time hunting, handling animals on his farm, and being a good father. He enjoys the simple life without fans begging for autographs or cameras being jammed in his face.


17. Josh Freeman Then – Fell Far Off The Map

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Josh Freeman in 2009, they envisioned a quarterback who would lead their team deep into the playoffs. But Freeman fell far off the map, and he only lasted with the team for five seasons.


18. Josh Freeman Now – Still The Leader

After another two seasons for two different teams, Freeman received a two-year offer from Montreal, but it meant he would end his NFL career to play in the CFL. Freeman is the Tampa Bay franchise leader for touchdowns thrown.


19. Daunte Culpepper Then – Madden Curse

The Vikings drafted Daunte Culpepper in 1999. He had some record-setting seasons as a Viking and was even selected as the cover athlete for Madden 2002. However, Culpepper's career since then saw a drastic decline. In 2005, his knee was shredded following a tackle.


20. Daunte Culpepper Now – Injuries Take Their Toll

Culpepper would struggle to return to form and never played more than six games in a season again due to numerous injury setbacks. He was forced to retire, and to surrender one of his mansions in a foreclosure agreement, which also meant him closing his eponymous restaurant in Florida.


21. Jared Lorenzen Then – Unsuccessful In The League

The Hefty Lefty Jared Lorenzen broke numerous school records at Kentucky, but he wasn't able to find success at the professional level. Lorenzen completed only four total passes in his career. He then tried to rejuvenate his career in the semi-pro leagues but retired in 2013.


22. Jared Lorenzen Now – Making A Change

After retiring, Lorenzen's weight ballooned up to a whopping 500-pounds. As a result, he launched a fitness program The Jared Lorenzen Project and documented his journey towards weight loss. Lorenzen has shed over 100 pounds and is looking to inspire young people on to healthy eating habits.