Teen Shooter Brings Home The First Gold Medal For The US – Haters Gonna Hate


1. 19-year-old Ginny Thrasher first picked up a rifle five years ago on a deer hunting trip with her father and grandfather. In Rio, she shot her way to the first American gold medal.


2. This West Virginia University freshman won the gold in the women’s 10-meter air rifle finals which is widely considered one of the most mentally challenging sports.


3. In the finals, Ginny Thrasher knocked out Li Du (China), who is a 2-time gold medalist, and set a new Olympic record with a score of 208.0 points.


4. Many were quick to congratulate this Golden Girl, like conservative radio host and 2nd Amendment firebrand Dana Loesch:


5. Along with Republican Senator Ben Sasse (Nebraska).


6. Twitter users started to notice just how perfect her name really is.


7. Even the Daily Times commented on her name.


8. But then the haters chimed in:

This is the stuff of legend.
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9. The anti-gun activists mocked Thrasher’s record-setting accomplishment.

1. What makes Maine Coon Cats distinctive is the long fur framing their faces like a lion.


10. The good always comes with the bad:

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