After Being Trapped In His Own Body 12 Years, He Told His Mother A Secret

1. Martin Pistorius was afflicted with locked-in syndrome at the age of 12.


2. Basically, he was trapped inside his own body. Though he could perceive the world around him, he wasn’t able to communicate with the world.


3. Doctors told his mom that he was permanently brain dead.


4. He then entered a vegetative state which lasted four years.


5. His mother would talk to him during this state.


6. One day, she said something no parent should have ever said to their child.


7. She told him she wished he would die as she couldn’t see him live in such suffering. She had no idea he could hear everything.


8. Eventually Matin regained control of his body.


9. He also told his mother he heard what she had said. She was immediately sorry she had ever said such a thing.


10. But Martin understood why she said it. He knew it was only because she loved him and didn’t want to see him suffer.

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11. Today Matin is a healthy normal adult.

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12. What an inspiring and touching story. It has taught us never to give up, no matter how bad the situation may seem.

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