20 Incredibly Gorgeous Houses Of The Biggest NFL Stars

Gorgeous women, luxurious houses, and fancy cars that NFL stars with high net worth have are a point of discussion for many. Check out these incredible mansions of the biggest NFL stars and their gorgeous loved ones.

1. Terry Bradshaw – Hawaii, $2.7 Million

With over $15 million in net worth, the NFL analyst and NFL Hall of Famer has a Kamuela, Hawaii ranch, which includes all of the amenities you can imagine. The 4,600 square-foot home features a lap pool of 60 feet, two koi ponds, and even a waterfall entry.


2. Tom Brady – Brookline, $4.5 Million

The New England Patriots' quarterback lives in a castle-like home in Brookline with his one and only queen, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The mansion is said to have cost them around $4.5 million, but compared to Brady's staggering $180 million net worth, it's just a drop in the ocean.


3. Ndamukong Suh – Fort Lauderdale, $5.85 Million

The former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle lives with his girlfriend Lolo Jones in a contemporary-styled 3-story house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It's an 11,142-square-foot mansion with ceiling-to-floor glass. Recently, Suh sold the house for $5.85 million.


4. Aaron Rodgers – California, $8 Million

The Green Bay Packers quarterback signed a $134-million-dollar contract and received a bonus of $60 million! It's no surprise that he lives with his racer girlfriend Danica Patrick in a luxurious villa in Los Angeles, which is a famously opulent city.


5. Peyton Manning – Denver, $4.6 Million

Peyton Manning is a former quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. With a $200 million net worth, Peyton lives with his wife Ashley Thompson in a huge 16,464 square-foot mansion in Denver, which he purchased for $4.6 million.


6. Rob Gronkowski – Boston, $2.2 Million

Rob Gronkowski's entire house got robbed last year. However, his $15 million net worth and insurance coverage probably helped him overcome the losses incurred. He now lives with his stunning girlfriend Camille Kostek in a house he bought for $2.2 million.


7. Eli Manning – Quogue, $8.5 Million

The New York Giants quarterback has a huge net worth of $100 million, so an $8.5-million home is hardly a big investment for him! His Quogue house is spectacular and he has access to his own private beach! His wife Abby Mcgrew is probably pretty happy with their opulent abode.


8. Jim Harbaugh – Coronado, $4 Million

This former NFL player is now a college coach. Jim Harbaugh seems to be having a great life with 7 children, his lovely wife Sarah Feuerborn, a $15 million net worth, and a palatial home bought for $4 million. But they since have rented it out and now actually earn quite a lot from it!


9. Kurt Warner – Arizona, $5 Million

The former NFL player has settled down in Arizona. He lived in a futuristic mansion with wife Brenda and their 7 children. But they sold it for almost $5 million in 2011. They now live in another house in Scottsdale. Given his $30 million net worth, this one is sure as nice as the first one!


10. Nick Foles – Newport Beach, $2.7 Million

Nick Foles has been in the news for his Super Bowl stints. With a $6 million net worth, the Eagles quarterback bought himself and wife Tori Moore a house in Newport Beach for $2.7 million. Interestingly, he bought this luxury mansion before he was released by the LA Rams.


11. James Harrison – Shadyside, $1.8 Million

The former linebacker has a lavish $1.8 million mansion in Shadyside. With a $12 million net worth, James has revamped the 1994-built house completely. It's a great place for entertaining. James and wife Beth Tibbott had many parties here. But the house is up for sale right now.


12. Patrick Peterson – Scottsdale, $2.6 Million

The Arizona Cardinals cornerback has not only talent in sports but also interest in real estate investments. With a $10 million net worth, Patrick lives with his gorgeous wife Antonique Larry in a $2.6-million house that has a cellar with its own tasting room. How awesome is that!


13. Amari Cooper – Location Undisclosed, Price Undisclosed

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver had a tough childhood. His mother went through many difficulties whilst bringing him up. No wonder, when he raked his millions in the NFL, he bought his mother a house and a car. What a good son!


14. Russell Wilson – Bellevue, $6.7 Million

NFL talent Russell Wilson and music star Ciara make an enviable pair with an astounding combined net worth. Their 10,000-square foot Mediterranean-inspired mansion boasts amazing views in every room and comes with a price tag of $6.7 million.


15. Deion Sanders – Texas, $21 Million

Erstwhile NFL player Deion Sanders works now as an analyst with CBS Sports and the NFL network. With a $40 million net worth, he lives with wife Pilar Sanders in a cool mansion that boasts an impressive bowling alley and a basketball court.


16. Joe Montana – San Francisco, $2.3 Million

The NFL legend and his wife Jennifer had an amazing 10,000-square foot Tuscan Villa that was valued at a jaw-dropping $35 million. But they sold it and moved to the SFO Marina district. There they bought a low-key condo style apartment worth almost $2.3 million.


17. Ryan Tannehill – Fort Lauderdale, $4.3 Million

The Miami Dolphin quarterback is quite famous for his beautiful and expensive house. With a $17 million net worth, Ryan lives with his wife Lauren Tannehill in a 5,480-square foot mansion that boasts a beautiful waterfront and a backyard to full of all the amenities of life.


18. Antonio Gates – Poway, $1.9 Million

Antonio Gates plies his trade for the Los Angeles Chargers, and we can't deny what a player he is on the field. After marrying his girlfriend Sasha Dindayal in 2011, they settled down in their Poway house. But a few years later, they sold it for more than $1.9 million.


19. Julio Jones – Atlanta, $1.2 Million

With a net worth of $25 million, the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver was able to purchase a huge house on Camp Branch Road, Atlanta. His mansion comes with more than a dozen balconies and was said to be worth around $1.25 million.


20. Nick Mullens

Things are going great for the San Francisco 49ers quarterback at the moment. Nick Mullens married former cheerleader Haleigh Hughes in 2017. When Jimmy Garoppolo faced an ACL injury, he finally got his big break and clinched a million-dollar contract for two years.