15 Feelings We Would Experience When Our BFF Chooses A New BF Over Us

One eye contact and we would know what the other is thinking. She had always been your second half until one day the new BF came along.

1. We’ve been completely forgotten about.

Can we watch The Bachelor again? No? OK.


2. No more how “hot” he is!

Please, just don’t. I am not curious at all.


3. We’ve lost our second half.

Remember all the secrets we told our BFF? They’re now officially out in the open.


4. We have to find a replacement to watch our favorite shows with.

Guess I have to say goodbye to the trip we’ve been planning for so long.


5. We may puke if one more lovely sentiment came to our ears.

Long gone were the days when we went to bars together and killed it on the dance floor because our BFF was busy snuggling up with her new guy.


6. Our secrets are officially no secrets.

We can find her new BF wherever she goes, from grocery shopping, working out at the gym to hanging out at home. They are together everywhere anytime.


7. We have to find some other people to go on adventures with.

We appreciate that she could think of us once in a while, but we’re sure we don’t wanna date any of her new guy’s friends.


8. We have to start looking for a new wingwoman.

Yes, we’ve seen enough updates about them two on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where our BFF posts every single hour. Please no more.


9. We keep asking, “Does she do anything alone anymore?”

Slowly we’ll find out that our bestie starts to take on all of her BF’s interests.


10. No, we don’t want to be set up with his friends.

We’ve got better things to do than spend our Saturday at the mall looking for what suits him best.


11. We wanna see no more pictures of them together.

Maybe sorry to leave us alone, she will do whatever she could to convince us to date more. But, yes, we like being single.


12. We’ll find her interests start to change.

The fact that she’s genuinely happy makes us happy, despite all our frustrations. Her identity as our BFF always remains though she is a little preoccupied.


13. There is no way we are gonna help her find the perfect one-month anniversary present.

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14. We have to tell her more than once that we like being single.

This is what my earbuds look like after I put them in the pocket for more than three seconds.


15. We are happy that she’ happy, even if we have to go solo for some time.

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