The 10 Simple Ways That Men Should Do To Keep Your Marriage

1. Make your anniversaries feel like special

Men are educated they would be looked down upon if they talk out their feelings. However, clear communication is important to inform what each other feel and help keep a good relationship. If you feel not that right, try to speak it out.


2. Don’t let your anger spearhead your marriage

If you want to bring up an ex-make sure that you bite your tongue, swallow the idea, and move on with more peaceful methods instead of comparing her to the ex.


3. Keep an open and honest dialog instead of unhealthy fighting.

Everyone has his or her own love language. Someone likes to hear sweet words while others want to be given physical attention. Whatever, accept your wife’s love language is a smart way to show your love for her.


4. Speak out your feelings

In your relationship, you may be firm in some ideas as to who she is. Not everyone wants to be told what is right or what should be done. If she doesn’t want to change, don’t push her.


5. Don’t Compare her to an ex.

If your ultimate goal in an argument is to end up as the ‘winner’, then you marriage may be full of fighting and drama. When the couple argues they need to look for ways to peacefully and capably resolve their shared issue.


6. Accept the wife’s love language.


7. Don’t try to continually change her.


8. Focusing more on resolution than ‘winning’.

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9. When you’re wrong, then apologize


10. Don’t give up