10 Of The Best Couple Tattoos Ever

You plan to have a tattoo? Why not get a special one with your significant other? Let’s see these couples’ creativity!!!

1. Be My Queen

This is so romantic and cool!!! Of course they are inspired by the classic playing cards. But, who don’t want to be the queen?


2. Matching Fists!

Some people like to get a small tattoo, but others just cannot get enough. Obviously, this couple belongs to the second group. Check out their super cool matching fists!!!


3. Lightsabers

As true Star War fans should, this couple got matching finger tattoos of light sabres. That’s just so amazing!!!


4. Fandom

These tattoos are just so cool! When this couple is getting together, no one can defeat them!!!


5. Key To My Heart

This is just so romantic. You are the key to unlock my heart. I can not imagine a more romantic gesture in the world!!!


6. Can You Hear Me?

This is very original! Although stick men and women are not a very popular concept with tattoos, this couple just nailed it!


7. You Are The Missing Puzzle!

This is yet another cool matching couple tattoo that when apart looks a bit silly, and only makes sense when they are together. Maybe that’s how they feel about life, that it only makes sense when they are together. Ahhhh so romantic!!


8. R2D2 and C3P0

If you are Star Wars fans, then you should get this. No more excuses, there are no cooler tattoos in the world!


9. Two Angles

Their angles seem to be reaching out for one another, just like this couple, who seem to be very much in love after all those years.


10. Tetris Cubes

If you pay attention, you will see that one piece matches the other perfectly, just like their love for one another. Another original and very cool for a couple tattoo. Their love can never be ignored again!